Thursday, August 6, 2009

A New Book ~

Tara Frey's book came today, 'Blogging for Bliss'! I've been pouring over pages and images this afternoon. Very informative book that is filled with how to's as well as beautiful blogs. Are we allowed to post photos? If not someone please let me know. ;-) The second image are my silver initials fixed to the first inside page. At the moment, I am wanting to 'spruce' up my images with frames and she tells how. My fonts need more 'curve'. Tara tells how to use dressy fonts. Her book can be purchased at Thanks Tara! Your book is a must have! Visit her blog here:

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  1. It's truly a beautiful book, isn't it? I've had it for a week and still can't put it down. So much to learn and little time! lol


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