Monday, August 17, 2009

Heirloom Beauty...

Had to show this beautiful ruby ring given to me by my mother 2 years ago for my birthday.
I'ts been passed down from my great grandmother to her daughter and from grandma to my mother, then to me. We haven't taken it in to be appraised or 'looked at' for fear of 'accidently losing or misplacing' our ring. It's a size 7. Worn very little by all of us. The ruby is beautiful, set high on ? I am no gemologist or 'learned' in the jewel business. The setting is delicately detailed, silver? It doesn't tarnish. My mother took it in to be cleaned in her presence long ago. The eldest of daughters has had possession of the ruby ring for many years. My daughter will be next in line to be heir to the ruby ring. ;-) There is a story behind it. I have to do more research and will fill you in a little later. If anyone has any knowledge of this type of ring and maybe its value, drop me a line. Click on each image to enlarge and take a closer look. The detail is stunning!


  1. I doubt thats silver....most likely white gold. Look inside the ring too......some were marked with carat weight. But the style is very old with a high Tiffany type setting only in a crown fitting. I have my grammas ring too...she said was her engagement ring. It has a high Tiffany setting too only in gold. The stone fell out and its chipped so Ive done nothing with it. I dont even know if its real because as I did research, I found many of the old stones are just glass, they couldnt afford the real thing. Id get a jeweler to look at it. Get one who deals with antiques tho and makes sure they do it on the premises. You dont want one who says he has to send it out to get it looked at. Some do that and are disreputable with changing the stones. A good antique jewelry person could tell you alot too.

  2. Anonymous18.8.09

    That ring is beautiful no matter what, even if the stone is glass. What a precious heirloom! It is beautiful.

    Your sister :)

  3. What a Treasure to have! That is soooo sweet that this gorgeous ring has been in your family for that long! I also think that it could be white gold. I also think that back then a Ruby stone that size would have cost a pretty penny. I'm sure you are like me and would never ever sale it! It's priceless!


  4. Anonymous19.8.09

    What an absolutely exquisite ring!! Most solitaries are set high to enhance the brilliance and color and/or shape. My heart shaped diamond is like that.

    It doesn't tarnish? I'm wondering if it isn't White Gold instead of silver.

  5. I bet is platinum. Does it feel relatively heavy for it's size? Go have it looked at. No matter what, it still has a wonderful history.

  6. Anonymous27.8.09

    OH MY!!!!
    Annette has been talking about this ring, I can't believe how gorgeous it is. Looks like a little crown :) that would have been very fitting for the Queen Eileen--Right, and now for all her subjects .) I love your family!! I have heard that you can research and find jewelers that give estimates on site in your presence. I had to chuckle picturing the not quite 4' Queen Eileen standing her ground with a jeweler telling him what they were going to do for her!! That will make me laugh for the rest of the day--hope it gives you a chuckle, too!!
    Good luck with whatever you do and enjoy it's beauty!!
    XOXOXOX, Beth

  7. Beautiful ring. To have a story of being passed down from one generation to the next is beautiful in itself, but the lovely setting and stone makes it that more wonderous.


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