Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Creative Mood...

An old French document is shown here mounted and embellished on a 8 x 10 canvas. Not fully completed, I wanted to show you how pretty a document it is! Isn't the coloring neat? I purchased a bottle of Mod Podge and didn't pay close attention to what 'finish' it is. As you can see it's gloss. Oh well...Read the description below of what the document may be...
'This is an original scan of an early 19th century French Birth Certificate which is in our possession. This unique & authentic document is not in the public domain. Beautifully handwritten in Sarrebourg, France, this document dates back to 1816. Of great interest to us is the reference to “Marie Antoinete” in the center of the document... Could this be Marie Antoinete, the Queen of France who died an untimely death 23 years earlier... We don’t know, but we sure want to think so.'
This excerpt is from Etsy's 'Digital Collage Sheets' seller description of the digital scan of what might be Marie Antoinete's birth certificate. I'm going to attach an image of 'Marie' in the bottom right corner.


  1. So pretty, Linda! Yeah...I know, I always have to remind myself to "read the label" too. Sometimes I get so excited about getting into a project that I forget some things (adhesives especially) are not meant for the medium I'm using. Lessons learned.
    Weather here is perfect. Wish I could stay until October! (I don't like snow)
    Thanks, as always, for stopping over to visit me, too!

  2. That's amazing. Thanks so much for sharing It. Have a great day..Kathi

  3. Lovely paper. I have always adored anything that had the written word upon it. I have been caligraphing words on walls and furntiure and anything else that doesn't move for many years. It never stops fascinating me. Sea Witch

  4. Extremely beautiful,,,be sure to show us the finished piece.


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