Thursday, July 23, 2009

White Linen ~ Lavender Field Welcomes You to Linda's Creative Space...A Work In Progress

Just working on ATC's lately

Scissors, magnifying glass, punches, glues, oh my! After moving from Wisconsin a year ago, I still have unpacked boxes in our storage, this is just 1/3 of an accumulation in my space here. 2/3 is still packed away, that being fabric, mosaics, more ribbon, and crafts.

A few inspirational magazines.
Thanks, Marie!
My handmade pennent above the table..says PARIS

My pretty White Linen cutwork. Under this shelf Ron will build more shelving and create a ribbon spool center for all my ribbon. Under this is a Vintage Singer Treadle Machine.

Hat boxes can hold massive amounts of crafts supplies, like small decorative papers....

Linda's understated and love simplicity.

Haviland France..inspires me that someone can paint perfect roses..

This hutch was practically a steal on Craigslist...holds lots of craft supplies and my little collection of Haviland

A little shabby white, cream, and light taupe, see the sconce? an Ebay steal. L monogrammed White Linen on the recycled shelf. =) The little restaurant creamers were grabbed at a liquidators long ago.

Little cardboard drawers hold needful things, tape measure, glues, distress ink and cloth. Because this room is off the great room, I like to keep things hidden with vintage furniture like the hutch.
Glass jars with metal lids and appropriately labeled...I love ribbon! The 3rd jar has 100's of fresh water pearls in creams and light blues. They have 1000 uses. They make gorgeous little eggs for wired nests.

A big basket of 50 vintage wood bobbins large and small, wrap lace or ribbon around a spool, twine, yarn and keep handy.

This table is over 100 years old and still has another 100. It has 4 adorable rush seat tall back chairs, dispersed in bedrooms.

My mother once said, 'jack of all trades, master of none'. Mom, it's ok. She made all of mine and my sister's clothing during our childhood. We lived in a small house when we moved to WI, she built 3 bedroom units from hollow wood doors and louvered doors, while my dad was at sea. Each unit had a small closet and dresser with drawers. To me, it meant having my own 'space', and the units were sturdy~ She handmade 4 or 5 dresses for my wedding including my wedding dress many years ago. Her little hands made countless wedding, baby shower and birthday cakes all hand decorated with greenery, and gorgeous roses. And the silk flower arrangements! The list goes on. I kinda followed her footsteps making countless crafts for craft bazaars, sewing my daughters clothing for school and play. Sewing curtains for our home year after year. Painting, wallpapering, interior decorating. Our creative space was always the kitchen table and our sewing machine. Until this last year I have a little space approximately 10' x 12'. Thanks Mom, for a wonderful heritage in so many ways. Today it's fun to make new crafts from old watch faces, doorknob plates. And  a deck of cards can be made into Artist's Trading Cards! Who would have ever thought? Thanks so much for stopping by and spending a few moments at WLLF. Enjoy!


  1. Great space! I love your basket 'o' spools and jars of ribbons and pearls!!

  2. Hat boxes...why didn't I think of that? LOVE your 100 year old table. Lucky girl. And the jars with adorable labels are very inspired. But most of all I loved your tribute to your mother. What a great read! : )

  3. I love love love those labeled glass jars!!

  4. What a beautiful space! I'm just drooling over the jar of freshwater pearls! My favorite! The labels on the jars are just gorgeous too!
    Thanks for sharing such a great space.
    bunny hugs,

  5. Your space is so pretty! I love all the antique touches you've added, and your china is gorgeous!

  6. Beautiful post and wonderful creating space Linda. The hat boxes are a wonderful storage idea and I have seen a couple of studios using hat boxes. I may take on the idea if I ever find any I like. I love the stories about your mom. She sounds just like mine.

  7. My mom too is was a wonderful creative talent.
    I think I come from a long line of creators.
    And having a wonderful room to do that in.
    Well that's heaven.
    Or at least I know it will take an eternity to finish my projects. lol
    Come visit

  8. This is just beautiful, a great space with great beauty to create in.
    Have a magical weekend!

  9. Hi Linda,
    What a nice creative space you have here at the party. I really enjoyed your sharing and meeting you. I agree whole-heartedly about the Haviland hand painted roses, a definite thing of beauty! Have a wonderful day.

  10. What a lovely place to create, so inviting, TFS

  11. What a beautiful space AND a beautiful blog you have! I am inspired just by looking! I have a love of old treadle sewing machines made into tables. One is my kitchen island! SO nice to meet you!

  12. Oh la la .. I love your crafting/creative space, the are me favorite!! I am really getting more ideas, with every blog I So I can fill it more! Thanks for Sharing you Creative Space.


  13. Hey Chickadee!
    Love your labels on your jars! Love the space!!
    Big mermaid hugs


  14. your studio area is wonderful! i love the cut linen - gorgeous!
    i'm so glad that i visited:)
    warmly, jan thomason

  15. Wow! So glad you joined the party so I could find you! Such a great space! Thanks, for sharing. Hugz, Z

  16. What a lovely space to create in.....The old table is wonderful and the story of your MOM~the best :)

  17. Thanks for sharing your space. I loved reading about your mother. My mother was also my inspiration. She made all of our clothes when I was growing up and sewed full time for other people to help with the family income. She just turned 80 years old in May and is still sewing. She has made over 200 aprons in the past couple of years that have sold in a local shop in her hometown and she makes doll clothes that she sells each year at a local craft show. I only hope to be half as active when I am her age. Thanks again for sharing!

  18. I am seeing such creative spaces and some of the most lovely collections. The two seem to going hand-in-hand. I love the simplicity and lovely solitude your room evokes.

  19. thank you for the glimpse into your wonderful space...i adore the white wall chandelier (is that a rub on?!?) and the jars with labels, and pretty much everything:)

  20. Hi Linda...
    I love that story about your Mom...
    Heck, I love everything over here! I can't believe that is only 1/3 of your is so gorgeous, dreamy, elegant, classy...I could go on and on! You have so much style, it's just beautiful!
    everything vintage

  21. Great space!! Loved the story about your Mom! My Dad used to say the same little saying and I think I get my crafting fever from him! Thanks for sharing!

  22. What a beautiful space, you have such wonderful artistic flair!!!! I love how you have arranged everything, charming jars and that sweet banner. Of course the French touches are simply divine!!! Thank you for taking time and sharing it all with everyone!!
    Margaret B

  23. Hi sweet Linda! I just LOVE your creative space!! You sound like me hon, jack of all trades, master of none....because I love EVERYTHING creative! It does sound like you got it from your mother, but the diversity makes is so much fun, don't you agree?? Your pennant banner is so beautiful to me ~ makes me want to make one! I just love the hutch and love Haviland too ~ will you ask Ron if he'd make me a ribbon spool too? :) Such a wonderful space sweet friend, I'm so glad you're here ~ hugs and love, Dawn

  24. Hi Linda:
    I had so much fun looking at all your images! I love your vintage bobbins. How handy are those?
    I'll be back to scour each and every photograph...I love seeing what other organizational things we crafters employ.
    Stop by to see me soon.
    Hugs from Your Friend,

  25. It is such a marvelous space and looks so tidy and calm. I, too, like that a lot. It must be a pleasure to work in such a room. One thing I've learned here is how beautiful the labeling looks on the jars. It would be obvious to see what it is through the glass, but it just adds an extra nice touch.

  26. A beautiful space...I particularly like the labels on your jars....

  27. Thanks for sharing this lovely space!! Very the labels on jars...the hat boxes for storage...great ideas!!!

  28. Such a pretty space - love your old desk and I'm a fan of Haviland, too! You've made such a lovely creative space!

  29. I love your sweet place and the tribute to your mother made me cry.

    God is good. All the time.

    Thank you for sharing!


  30. Oh so many lovely things and so many creative ways to display them. I could get lost in those jars full of goodness.

  31. What a BEAUTIFUL space! I love your fabulous words about your mother and the tradition and creativity she has passed on to you. WONDERFUL!

  32. Lovely space and I really enjoyed you telling about your mother and her creativity....

  33. lovely space which seems timeless... it could be your mother's or grand mother's room (apart from the computer...). Thnks for sharing this nice story about your mother's creativity.

  34. Such a beautiful room! What lovely photos.. Thanks for sharing with us.
    Blessings ~Mary~ :-}

  35. So beautiful and soothing! I love the labels on the big jars. And OH! Thanks for the inspiration with the old spools! I use mine for candle holders but I've been ready for a change for awhile. I have tons of old trim and ribbons that will look great on some of them. Thanks again!


  36. Whow great space over here and sooo inspiring! Thanks for having me over. Have a lovely day!

  37. Dear Linda,
    so many wonderful pictures!!!! And thank you for telling about your Mom and her creative work - she must be also very proud of you, that you walk in her footsteps.......what a loveley story!!!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend, Hugs Jade

  38. Love your pretty and serene.
    Thanks for allowing me to tour it.


  39. What a lovely creative space you have!
    I didn't get my studio photographed for this event, but I am having a giveaway on my blog this weekend for "Christmas in July". Stop by if you like PINK! :)

  40. You have such beautiful and unique touches in your space, thanks for sharing!

  41. Thank you for the lovely tour of your studio it was all so pretty

  42. Simply wonderful! So many cozy touches. LOVE the labels on all of your glass jars! Your studio is a wonderful place to create and be inspired in! :D I'm I'm lovin the Paris banner!

    yapping cat

  43. Hello Linda,

    Your studio is perfect! You have everything right where you can get to it...gosh, I wish I could settle on just one design area..maybe I will have some enlightenment once this studio is put together. Thanks so much for sharing your creative space. I really enjoyed looking.

    Please drop by my blog to see my "studio on progress". I just recently moved into our home and have been remodeling for almost three's almost done. (I think!) :0)

    See ya,

  44. Linda, I love your space! I am partial
    to the neutrals so it's right up my alley! I love, love, love the jars with the handwritten labels! Thanks you so much for coming to the party. You really helped to make it special!!!

    My Desert Cottage

  45. What a cute space you have!
    I love it!


  46. What a pretty place to create, thanks for sharing.

  47. What a beautiful room. I especially love the labeled glass jars & the chandelier on the wall. I so enjoyed reading about how your mom influenced your creative life. Thanks so much for sharing!

    :-) Molly

  48. I am a little late to the party, but better late than never. My daughter, the fashionista, will soon be leaving the nest for her new apartment. I will have the luxury of decorating her old room (specifically the closet) as my creative space. I cannot wait and will incorporate many of the wonderful ideas you have shared here. Thank you.

  49. Your creative space is very lovely and I adore your blog banner- very pretty. Thanks for letting me peek into your creative world.

  50. Really comforting and cozy and organized!

  51. Your post is so pretty - and so is your room. I love that you gave such a loving tribute to your mother. Love, love, love your room!

  52. You have such a stunning studio!! I love your pennant! I do think my favorite piece is the hutch! I have been on a steal of a hutch for along time!! Someday I will find the perfect one!! Thank you so much for sharing with us!!

  53. Your studio is just beautiful. I love your Craigs list hutch. All of your pretty jars lined up with such beautiful labels.

  54. Linda, I truly enjoy your beautiful blog and lovely studio. Your pennent is so pretty, I hope to one day make one of my own. I love what your mama used to say and even more that you share your stories and memories with us, Thank you. Did you make those lovely labels for the glass jars? And my stars where do you get hundreds of fresh water pearls? They look so pretty. Will visit again and again. Rose


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