Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lunch With Kathy...

Pretty little edible pansies in my salad! I chose blue cheese dressing. We had a nice visit over a super salad, then went out to see her flowers. Just a hop, skip and a jump she lives on the edge of 'Lakeside Park' on Lake Winnebago. One of the prettiest city parks in Wisconsin is here.
The lighthouse and part of the marina on Lake Winnebago.
They need rain here.
Covered bandstand. Isn't it beautiful?
Kathy's flowers.
Her favorite.
My sweet friend. We had such a good time.


  1. Kathy Snyder! Really!!! Please tell her Donna (Newby) says hi next time you talk with her!

    Now, I'm really homesick! Glad we're going back for a while in August!

    Love Lakeside Park! (so many exclamation points!)

  2. So beautiful pictures and the salad look soo delicious!!!!
    Have a wonderful week, dear Linda,
    Hugs Jade


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