Thursday, July 16, 2009

At Mom and Dad's in Wisconsin...

So much green, so much beauty. Dad still has a garden to keep him fit and busy. He is 81! Their garden gets a little smaller as the years go by but that's ok! The little arbor in back of the photo is plump with grapevine. And the grapes will be plentiful this year!
You can see the little arbor peeking through the heavy grapevine (look at the bottom)!
Mom's pale pink rose bush. There were a few buds left. Aren't they pretty?
Her roses are at the front of this little shed, she keeps all her craft supplies, wreaths, wire, etc., etc., in here! :-) We talked about fixing up this little shed for a spare room in the summer. It would be adorable!
This black cast iron kettle belonged to my great grandmother. Mom has planted flowers in it for years.
There are 3 long rows of raspberries and strawberries, they like to give away many of their berries. Mom use to make preserves, we were always delighted when she gave some to us. It is the best!
Dad loves to mow his lawn. They need rain, the grass is beginning to brown.
My heart belongs to northern Wisconsin and my people. :-)


  1. I live in Southern Wi and visit the North for getaways! Glad to know you love it, too. Blessings.

  2. Don't you just love MidWesterners? There is nothing like home with Momma & Dad....cherish each moment! Blessings to your sweet family, Sharon

  3. I'm thoroughly homesick now! Good thing we're going up in August! yay!!!! Having a group photograph taken of us with our kids and grandkids to commemorate our 25th wedding anniversary this year. I'm so excited...and you're just fueling the flame. ;-)
    Thanks so much, my friend.

  4. What a wonderful garden and a lovely story!!!! Your dad looks sooo young - how great, that he can work in his garden every day!!! And so many them so much......what a pity, that Wisconsin is so far away from here - could take some berries and give them rain (here it´s raining every day ;o))!

    Many blessings to you and your family and have a wonderful weekend, Hugs Jade

  5. How wonderful their place is. How lucky you still have your parents. The pink roses are so happy!


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