Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Acid Staining Concrete

Photos http://www.concretenetwork.com/
No doubt you have heard and even tried your hand at 'acid staining'. Before I go on the blog that introduced me to it is from:
http://vickydar.blogspot.com/2009/05/concrete.html. Her son-in-law molded a concrete countertop for her bathroom vessel sink. It looks great! Take a look at her blog, very informing! I perked up right away since we are looking for an inexpensive way to 'redo' our flooring. We have carpet, I have always disliked carpet because it just gets nasty after time. Our ideal plan was to rip all carpet up and replace it with either wood flooring or laminate. Right now our budget won't allow for it. So, this method would be long-lasting, durable, economical, and beautiful, done right. We just finished epoxying our garage and it looks wonderful. But this, inside, would be awesome. Since my husband has always been handy in fixing, creating, building and so on, this would be good experience for both of us. Now to convince 'Mr. Field'. A couple of years ago my daughter-in-law did the same method to her twin home flooring. It was concrete and she stained it to look like wood parquet. It was very close and looked great. Here are some photos from http://www.concretenetwork.com/. I prefer the lighter coloring. Click on the title to this post and see all the great photos this web site has for ideas on colors in different settings. They also have the contractors that have done this method next to each photo. According the Concrete Network it wouldn't cost anymore than $3 a square foot. I can handle that, and may save more doing it ourselves. I chose these photos because they were similar to my decor. Not only would I choose a lighter color but the matte seal or low luster finish would best fit my style. The gloss looks awesome too! Thanks for visiting!

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