Saturday, April 25, 2009

More Lavender

Scratch and sniff! I do believe it is coming to the www.
When you have a moment you can visit this website. This is a beautiful lavender farm in France। It would be so cool to visit and stay। They have villas to rent. Well, if we can't visit in person we can order their lavender products! Just wanted to share this with you. Tomorrow, a new place to visit. As if we don't have better things to do. But who cares. This is so relaxing and it keeps me out of the refrigerator. Hey, maybe start a weight loss clinic in blogland? There probably out there. I need to stay focused on one thing for now.


  1. Hi Linda! Welcome to blogland.....I am a relatively new blogger first post was Feb 15th...and I haven't stopped's really fun and I have met so many wonderful gracious women from all over the world...Enjoy your journey! and thank you for the link...I love lavender!
    Be well, Laura

  2. I'm visiting via The Feathered Nest... two of my favorite things would be linen and lavender, so I had to visit! I use both in the things I make. I'd love to stay at a French lavender farm - wouldn't that be the greatest holiday ever?

  3. Coming over to visit from Dawns Feathered Nest. I love the smell of lavender. Oh how nice it would be to stay at a villa!! Laurie


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