Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Lot-a Sunshine

The sun never stops shining in Arizona. It's a good place to be. When we moved here last June I had culture shock for a couple of months. When you compare the southwest to the midwest it is quite different. Wisconsin has four seasons, Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. Southern Arizona has warm and very hot! If you would like a little taste of what summer is like here in June, July and August turn your oven on and let preheat to 250 degrees or highter, open the oven door and stick your head in just a little. It doesn't get to 250 degrees but 115 sure feels a little like that! And dry, whooaaaa. We have gone through at least 3 bottles of lotion in 10 months. We should buy it by the gallon! Spring here is pretty for this neck of the woods, or I should say desert. Cactus is in bloom and many of the native bushes and trees. I miss seeing crocus, daffodils and tulips! And grass, oh my! They treat a patch of grass the size of a living room like gold. My dad loves to mow at least an acre or two! Rain is welcome here but when it rains heavily it floods in many places. There are dry river beds here, it might rain one day and the river beds rush with water. Two days later they are dried up again! I'm looking forward to seeing the Wolf River in Wisconsin!


  1. Anonymous30.4.09

    I have never been to Arizona, so moving there would be a big adjustment for me too!
    How long have you lived in Arizona?
    Beautiful Lavender photo!!

  2. My uncle just sold his place on the Wolf River. (with 40 acres & stocked fish ponds) It was gorgeous. I crossed over the Wolf yesterday on my way to Antigo. :) Spring is here in Wisconsin!!! Things are starting to green up, the tulips & daffodils are blooming & the trees won't be long now and we'll be in full glory!!!!


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