Monday, April 27, 2009

Little Lady

Just have to share with you again. The bottom image was probably taken in the mid 1940's. Here you see a sweet tiny gal about 16 or 17 sitting on the right end of an old sofa, cuddled up next to a giant 6'4" guy. Nope, he's not my dad. This little lady is just short of 5' tall. This lady is my sweet little mother! Oh my!! Mom's name is Eileen, not Elaine, these old photos were labeled when I recieved them on disk. Neal Shannon was her boyfriend in highschool. Neal is dad's first cousin. In the community they grew up in there were Shannon's, Bristol's, Buchanan's, and mom was the eldest daughter in the Conto family! Oh my goodness! When I was a teenager, I looked exactly like mom in this photo. The first photo, the lady on the left is my great Aunt Lottie. Feel free to use these photos in your art. If and when you post your art please provide a link back to my little blog. Thank you! Have fun today!

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  1. Great new blog!! Look forward to seeing more,
    ps where is the lavender?


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