Sunday, April 26, 2009

Lavender Farm

The soil in the Pacific Northwest must be rich in nutrients for lavender.
There are many farms in that part of the country as well as California and all over the country.
One particular lavender farm I have come across is
Why does this hold such interest? I guess it brings back a simpler time where things would
go at the speed of a snail, well maybe a tad bit faster than that. This little farm reminds me of
the word SIMPLIFY.


  1. Nice Writeup... reminds me of the fact that sometimes we forget that happiness lies in simple things......
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  2. My favorite scent - lavender. I have tucked it everyone in my home, my car and in my clothing drawers. Your lovely blog is like a second invitiation to all of the wonderful places I have antiqued in Wisconsin & Illinois. I will be visiting your blog often. Dari - Musings of a Sea Witch

  3. Just found you via Dawn@ the Feathered Nest. you are off to a very good start on your blogging endeavor. Never knew there was a Buckeye, AZ. I am from the Buckeye state-O H I O. We love our Buckeyes... Stop for a visit. Sue

  4. Linda welcome to Blogland! I heard about you from Dawn. I loved your post on lavender. I hope you enjoy blogging as much as I have. I have met some of the most wonderful, sharing , caring women! Need to go check out some more of your posts.

  5. How gorgeous is that! Welcome to the blogiverse. You'll meet a bunch of wonderful people here!

    Sheila of Halo Hill


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