Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Getting Ready

Just want to share somethings. We are getting ready for Jennifer. I cleaned out the spare bedroom closet for her things. Vacumming, window washing and hopefully painting her room. She plans to stay for a couple of months just until she finds a place of her own in the valley. Maybe as close as she can. She loves to be around people, especially family. Ron flys up to meet her and pack her all up and make the long journey down with her car and truck full of her furniture and belongings. She'll make it in time for swimming! Actually she'll be here all summer for swimming. Steve is getting his backyard all ready for shrubs, decorative rock, and more concrete poured. I'll be here until Diana is done with school, until then we can swim and bask in the warm southwest.
Santiago's birthday is Friday! Grandpa Bristol's birthday is the 25th. Santiago will be 2 and grandpa will be 81. Bless their hearts! Happy birthday to both of you!

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